Building an attractive and original CV is the first step towards getting your dream job. But how to make or to update your resume for this purpose? What are the right reflexes to adopt and the mistakes to avoid? Find here the essential rules to follow if you do not want the recruiter to ignore your curriculum vitae.

Pay attention to Details on your CV

The title of a training or an internship is not enough. A CV should allow the recruiter to have a clear idea of ​​what is involved in each line. The school and university curriculum must be valued and detailed. Do not forget to put the section, the title and the course of the training, the preparation of a dissertation, etc. Your resume must quantify your experiences so it has to detail the number of months spent, the scope of the mission, the level of responsibility, the achievements and the acquired skills.

Take Care of the CV Form

The presentation of your CV is as important as its content. It is the first parameter that recruiters see. If they like it, they will go further and read the resume. If they do not like it, they will go directly to the next one. As a matter of fact, the form of the CV is the very first indicator of the candidate’s personality. It is highly recommended to create a CV which is readable, clear and clean.

If you are a student or a new graduate, for example, you can adopt a classic form on 2 columns with icons separating each section. This shows that you took the time to think and design your CV. If you are an experienced candidate, you can choose the CV layout you like in order to bring your skills and experience to the fore. You can use a quality online CV creator to help you with this delicate task.

Stay Positive with your Failures

Should inactivity or a failure in an exam be mentioned in your CV? Of course not, but you can still highlight an associative or activist experience conducted during this period of reflection. It is a way of showing the positive side of the failure without leaving a hole in the resume. For recruiters, a CV is like the trailer of a film. It must make you want to see the movie. It is up to you to do your own storytelling!