Cyclones affected more than 11 lakh ha of farm area in 2020


In 2020, 4 cyclones designed a landfall in India. Having said that, a solitary tremendous cyclonic storm (SuCS) — Amphan — designed greatest hurt to the place under crops all through the 12 months.

The 4 cyclones impacted all-around 11.5 lakh hectares of place under agriculture and horticulture in the place. Of this, approximately fifty per cent (5.eighty two lakh ha) of the place under crops had been impacted by Amphan all through the 12 months.

Knowledge sourced from the answers in Parliament mentions all-around 5.seventy one lakh ha currently being impacted by Amphan in West Bengal, adopted by Odisha at .11 ha.


According to ‘Report on Cyclonic Disturbances of North Indian Ocean all through 2020’ by the Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre (RSMC), there had been 9 cyclonic disturbances (CDs) — depressions and cyclones — in excess of the North Indian Ocean (NIO) and adjoining land areas all through 2020

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