Why Canada is Still the #1 Destination for Immigrants in 2021 -  CanadianVisa.org

Canada is a multicultural country that welcomes immigrants from all over the world. There are great benefits to making a life in Canada.

Moving to Canada is the best decision if you are looking for a country that welcomes and celebrates diversity. With great investment funding opportunities for immigrants, starting a business in Canada is fairly easy. To start your business in Canada you will need the services of a financial advisor. Visit allreviews.ca, a Canadian review site that allows you to read reviews on financial advisor companies and business management services. Click on the links to be redirected to the site and see how reviews can help you decide on which company can provide the best services for your new business.

Is it a promising idea for foreigners to start a business in Canada?

The answer is of course, yes! Canada provides immigrants with a range of benefits to encourage business owners in Canada. The introduction of the Canadian startup visa saw an influx of foreigners to Canada as they rushed to take advantage of the benefits of owning a business in the country for foreigners.

How does Canada encourage foreign-owned business startups?

Canada is home to a wide range of investment funding options for foreigners wishing to start a business in the country. There is a range of finance companies and organizations you can contact to secure financial backing for your dream business in Canada. They are mainly comprised of venture capitalists who seek to invest their money in new and exciting business opportunities in Canada. These are:

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Canada’s Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
  • The National Angel Capital Organization
  • Canada’s Acceleration and Business Incubation Association.

One of the requirements to obtain a startup visa to move to Canada is that you secure financial backing for your business. Contact one of the organizations that are always looking for a foreign-owned business to invest in. 

It is important to note that should you be successful in your visa application to start a business in Canada, you will be granted permanent residency in the country. This is usually a separate visa or residency application that can only be done when you have been living and working in Canada for a certain period of time. The startup visa allows you to kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a fruitful life in one of the best-rated countries in the world.


Canada has a wide range of benefits for immigrants who wish to settle in the country. From excellent healthcare services, an outstanding economy, and some of the best education opportunities in the world, you would be crazy to not settle in Canada. There are many resources for immigrants that move to the country, with assistance being offered on things like starting a business in Canada, tax breaks for new business owners, and more. Plan your move to Canada today and experience life if one of the best countries in the world.