Sometimes you have organized a nice party, but then no one shows up. Or people do show up, but the party is a bit lame and everyone is feeling bored. What could you do to create an exciting party, the best one ever?

branded instant photo


First, it is important to decorate the place beautifully. Without decoration, the place might feel cold and empty and the party is doomed to fail. You could come up with a theme if you want to. Or you could just decorate the place with all kinds of garlands and balloons. Make use of romantic lights, put flowers on the tables, place the food in a decorative way and make use of art pieces and signs. The more you do, the more fun the party will be. Please do not use more than two or three colors at the most for your decoration, otherwise it will feel a bit chaotic. Or you could find a location that is a beauty on its own already. With a good venue people will feel right at home.

Make it fun to go to

Nobody likes a party where they just sit around and wait for something to happen. So make sure the guests have things to do. You could rent a food truck, or create a dance floor. Hire a comedian or a magician. Do games with each other, like a treasure hunt or a rat race. Maybe you can take the guests on some kind of excursion? Whatever you come up with, make sure they will not have time to feel bored. For the little ones you could place a jumping pillow, or make sure there are drawings. Give them a balloon or hire a clown for the day. In addition, you could make them popcorn. Always make sure there are drinks and food and please, play some music!

Give a present to remember

When the guests leave, it would be a great idea to give them a nice gift, so they will always remember this best party ever. What could you do? You could give them a branded instant photo. Take a picture with a custom polaroid film and put a customized frame over the picture. This frame can be filled with cartoons, dates, names or whatever you prefer. The guests can place the picture with the photo frame on their microwave or fridge and they will always remember your great party. The gift will be nice for them as well, since most people love having pictures. Let the party begin! 

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