COVID-19 survey shows 85% of primary care practices lack personal protection equipment and tests

A new survey has found that 46% of primary care physician practices have no capacity for COVID-19 testing and 51% lack adequate personal protective equipment.

More than half, 52% of practices, report COVID-19 is having severe and near severe impact on their practice. Fifty-eight percent have cancelled well and chronic care visits to accommodate need and 17% lack enough available appointments.

Seventy-four percent of clinicians report their phone lines are flooded with patient concerns.

Time is being taken up on largely unpaid activities such as implementing new workflows, doing extensive phone triage and redesigning work areas/systems to limit exposure.

Staffing outages due to illness are already hitting 20% of clinicians, 17% of nursing staff and 13% of front desk support. 

The findings are from a real-time survey of COVID-19 on practices by The Larry A. Green Center in partnership with the Primary Care Collaborative, which is expected to be conducted

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