Covid-19: Why are Maharashtra’s milk farmers angry?

Covid-19 has triggered a war among milk producer-farmers and cooperatives in Maharashtra. As cooperatives have slashed obtain level for the milk procurement, farmers have demanded the State’s intervention.

Farmers complain that out of the one.19 crore litres of milk manufactured every day in the State, about 47 lakh litres remain unsold. A short while ago, many farmers’ organisations held agitations but in vain. As milk politics simmers to a boil in the State, farmers still await concrete assurance from the authorities.

Previously, 86 lakh litres of milk are marketed in pouches every single working day, but with lockdowns in pressure and compact lodges and places to eat closed, this provide has come down to 67 lakh litres per working day. The State authorities is paying for 5 lakh litres milk to help farmers, but there is still an excess of 47 lakh litres.

Maharashtra has about forty six lakh milk

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