Iranians Vote for New President Amid Talks to Save Nuclear Deal, Revive Economy

TEHRAN—Iranians voted Friday in a presidential election seriously skewed in favor of really hard-liners, as Tehran negotiates the revival of an global nuclear offer that would free of charge the country’s economy from crushing U.S. sanctions.

In the weeks top up to the election, polls confirmed that hundreds of thousands of Iranians planned to boycott the vote following the country’s election supervisory human body disqualified approximately all nonconservative candidates. On the ballot were four options, together with an ultraconservative cleric hostile to the U.S. and Western powers who emerged as the entrance-runner following the mass disqualification of candidates.

The end result and the total quantity of participating voters are predicted to be announced in a day or two.

After a lousy turnout by the early afternoon, Iran’s Inside Ministry prolonged the voting hours many times, as lines started off forming at many polling stations in the funds Tehran when the

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