Blockchain Applications and the War for Talent

Blockchain is in the information yet again, as cryptocurrencies, the technology’s most perfectly-acknowledged application, have acquired momentum as a mainstream asset class. Businesses with a bullish see on cryptocurrencies — this sort of as Microstrategy, Square, and Tesla — have announced the acquisition of Bitcoin for their stability sheets. Common money establishments this sort of as Financial institution of New York Mellon are starting to hold, transfer, and situation Bitcoin on behalf of asset management consumers. The European Central Financial institution has announced proposals to launch a electronic euro.

Kenneth Kuk

Cryptocurrencies have a tendency to draw the most consideration, but it is important to acknowledge the utility of broader blockchain purposes, this sort of as safe information-sharing, smart contracts, and cybersecurity. New and rising blockchain-enabled engineering solutions will permit far more progressive ways of building personnel rewards and far more powerful ways of handling staff and contractors. As providers

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