2021: A year of transition for Atos

Adjustment of Once-a-year Objectives
Confirmation of Mid-phrase Targets


Paris, July 12, 2021

Referring to EU regulation No. 596/2014, which offers that issuers shall inform the community as shortly as feasible of within information directly pertinent to them, Atos announces the adjustment of its 2021 once-a-year objectives. The initial semester figures are not finalized nor audited, the specific initial semester accounts will be published as planned on July 28, 2021.

During the next quarter, revenue development at continuous currency came back again to security. Nevertheless, natural and organic development remained negative at c. -one.five{312eb768b2a7ccb699e02fa64aff7eccd2b9f51f6a579147b7ed58dbcded82a2} thanks to an accelerated decline of legacy infrastructure business enterprise in a context of a considerably more robust demand from customers for article-COVID cloud migration. The Team anticipates that this business enterprise shift will persist through the next semester. The other Team firms benefitted from the financial recovery driving a booming digital demand from customers. In this

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