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How easy would life be if we’d know what would happen in the future? As a company, this would mean you’d be able to jump in on chances that are bound to succeed. Sadly, it’s not completely possible to do this, but it is possible to come close. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly how!

What is trend watching?

With the fast growth of the internet, it’s become possible to take a look in the future. Of course, not literally but figuratively: trend watching has opened many doors. For most people, viral hits come out of nowhere, but in reality there’s often more thought behind it than you’d originally think. By using trend watching, you’re able to be the first to know about upcoming trends. By giving your own spin to this, you might just succeed in creating the next big hit, which means many positive results for your company.

If you’re skeptical about this, we’d like to point at the music industry. Trend watching is very popular here, which can often be heard on the radio. Many pop radio stations play a lot of songs that sound a lot alike: the same themes, with the same chord structures. But, if you’d listen again in five years, you’ll immediately notice this sound has changed. This is because of trend watching: popular artists notice something that works and give their own spin to it. 

How do you use trend watching as a company?

Of course, you aren’t going to release a song with an epic music video, so what’s in it for you? Well, the fact that new marketing channels pop up left and right show that trend watching is what you need to do. For example: when TikTok first came around, many wrote it off as a child platform with no chance of succeeding in different target audiences. Nowadays, everyone can be found on TikTok. If you would’ve been able to see this coming, you’d be the first to succeed with it as well.


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By Rehan

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