How To Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want

Marketing Podcast with Joe Polish

Joe Polish, guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

In this episode of the Duct Tape Advertising Podcast, I interview Joe Polish. Joe is the Founder of Genius Network, a single of the best-amount teams in the globe for business owners. Joe has served make hundreds of businesses and generated hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars for his customers. He’s the author of a e book — 9 Genius Networking Ideas to Get What You Want By Supporting Other individuals Get What They Want.joe polish, a guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Key Takeaway:

There is no shortage of networking and entrepreneurship information on line in today’s world—but it’s harder than ever to know what’s genuine. Getting the wrong advice can result in superficial connections, transactional associations, and unsatisfying interactions with many others with no any actual rapport. Joe Polish is the Founder of Genius Network and is identified as —”the most related man or woman on the planet.” In this episode, Joe talks about the a lot of issues he has prevail over in his everyday living to get him to the place he is nowadays and how relationship-making and developing a community play an vital function in acquiring achievements.

Concerns I inquire Joe Polish:

  • [1:27] Is this the to start with time you have been on the Duct Tape Promoting Podcast?
  • [1:40] What is the 3-minute model of your life?
  • [5:11] What created you wanna rewrite this reserve now?
  • [11:35] You speak openly about your struggles with addiction and one particular of the factors you mention is to obtain out how individuals are struggling and how you can enable – does that occur from your individual struggling?
  • [17:55] You have an work out in the e book exactly where you information people to make their possess Genius Network – can you make clear that thought?
  • [23:35] Wherever can folks uncover the web site for the reserve with the bonuses and means you talked about?

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