If you are thinking about mailing plastic postcards for your business, you’ll be happy to learn that there are many ways to improve your results. By following the simple steps, you’ll see that postcard marketing is a great way to increase your bottom line.

High Impact

A high-impact plastic postcard is an excellent way to convey your message to potential customers. They can have various features, including gift card pop-outs or high-quality full-color graphics. This direct mail effectively grabs attention and converts potential customers into actual ones.

In addition to the high response rate, plastic postcards are highly secure. They can be customized with a magnetic stripe to ensure that they reach their intended recipients. You can even insert scratch-off areas into these postcards to further secure delivery. Another type of plastic postcard is the automotive postcard that drives your message and creates more traffic.

Shiny Postcards

Shiny plastic postcards are highly durable and eye-catching. They can be addressed, personalized, and are made of the same 30-mil thick composite plastic as a standard credit card. This glossy overlaminate is a great option for gift-giving. Adding a special shine or texture to your postcards will enhance the response rate.

Direct mail remains one of the most effective forms of marketing due to its visual impact and tactile nature. People are much more likely to remember a printed advertisement than a digital one. Plastic postcards are an ideal way to create a good first impression, introduce a business, and generate a steady stream of new customers.


Plastic postcards are a great way to boost the ROI of your real estate marketing campaigns. They are the same size as traditional postcards but much easier to mail. They are also customizable. You can design them in any shape and size or use a custom layout and high-end graphics.

Plastic postcards are environmentally friendly, using fewer materials in a mailing than paper postcards. They are also less likely to be thrown away, which is good for the environment. In addition, they are more energy-efficient, which also helps the environment. Finally, using plastic postcards for your marketing campaign is also a great way to increase your response rate.

Designing In-house

Whether starting a new business or expanding an existing one, a plastic postcard campaign is a great way to advertise and boost your results. You can use various colors, finishes, and thicknesses to make your marketing materials stand out. Adding unique touches can improve response and reduce costs. However, some guidelines should be kept in mind when designing your marketing materials.

The plastic postcards used in marketing campaigns are full-color glossy cards containing a customized message and other information. Because they are wallet-sized, these cards grab consumers’ attention and provide a unique opportunity to gain new customers. Another benefit of using these plastic postcards is that many people carry them around with them and keep them in their wallets and purses. This will provide a continuous reminder of your brand.

Mail Tracking

If you’re using plastic postcards for direct marketing, you should consider how you can get more results out of them. Postcards can effectively convey a message to your customers while boosting sales. By distributing them through the mail, you can provide customers with a useful item that contains your company’s logo and current deals.

Postcards can be designed with pop-out cards that act as a Call To Action or enticement for your potential customers. These cards can also contain a discount coupon or other incentives encouraging people to visit your business. You can even integrate membership or gift cards into your plastic postcard mailer. This makes these marketing pieces one of the most versatile tools in your marketing arsenal.


A direct mail campaign can help you stand out in today’s email and digital world. There are a few ways to improve the performance of your plastic postcard. The primary feature of plastic postcards is that they are thick, shiny, and dense, making them look more like gift cards than coupons. The thickness of the card and its high-gloss finish engage the senses and increase memory retention.

Another great way to increase response rates is to create unique, personalized postcards. These can be designed with pop-out cards that act as Calls to Action or an enticement for potential buyers. They can also advertise discounts, gift cards, or membership cards. Plastic postcard mailers can be extremely versatile and will allow you to tailor the design of your mailing to your customer’s specific needs.

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