This Monetary Situations MBA position features the world’s very best one hundred comprehensive-time MBA programmes. A complete of 143 colleges took aspect in the 2021 version. All participating colleges meet the FT’s entry requirements, such as getting accredited by Equis or the AACSB. 

The FT surveys alumni three decades immediately after finishing their MBA. For colleges to enter the position calculations, the FT necessitates that a bare minimum of 20 for every cent of alumni reply to the survey, with at least 20 thoroughly completed surveys. This yr only, because of disruption from the Covid-19 crisis, the FT deemed colleges with a lower response rate. About 6,570 from the course of 2017 completed our survey — a response rate of forty four for every cent. 

FT MBA position 2021 — top one hundred

Discover out which colleges are in our position of MBA degrees. Discover how the desk was compiled.

The position has 20 various requirements. Alumni responses notify eight requirements that jointly add 61 for every cent of its weight. Eleven requirements are calculated from school facts, accounting for 29 for every cent of the position. KPMG audits a number of colleges just about every yr. The remaining criterion, the research rank, counts for ten for every cent. 

Alumni-knowledgeable requirements are centered on the facts collected more than three decades. Responses from the 2021 survey carry fifty for every cent of complete weight and those from 2020 and 2019, 25 for every cent every single. If only two decades of facts are offered, the weighting is split 60:40 if facts are from 2021 and 2020, or 70:30 if they are from 2021 and 2019. For wage figures, the weighting is fifty:fifty for two years’ facts. 

The to start with two alumni requirements are ordinary income three decades immediately after graduation and wage boost as opposed with pre-MBA wage, both of those weighted at 20 for every cent. For the latter, 50 percent of the weight applies to the complete boost and 50 percent to the percentage increase (published). Present salaries are transformed to US dollars using November 2020 IMF buying energy parity rates. 

The salaries of non-financial gain and general public sector staff and comprehensive-time pupils are eliminated, as are the highest and least expensive salaries from every single school, to work out a normalised ordinary. Lastly, salaries are weighted to replicate variations amongst various sectors. 

“Value for money” for every single school is calculated by dividing their ordinary alumni wage three decades immediately after graduation by their MBA’s complete expense, such as tuition, shed wage, opportunity expense and other expenses. Any monetary enable given to alumni is subtracted from the complete. 

The FT also collects information from colleges on their present faculty, newly enrolled pupils and the latest graduating course. School requirements consist of the diversity of staff members, board customers and pupils by gender, nationality and the MBA’s global arrive at. For gender requirements, colleges with a fifty:fifty composition rating highest. 

The research rank is centered on the number of content by comprehensive-time faculty in fifty internationally recognised educational and practitioner journals. The rank combines the number of publications from January 2018 to August 2020, with the number weighted relative to faculty sizing. 

The corporate social obligation rank is centered on the proportion of teaching hours from main courses devoted to CSR, ethics, social and environmental difficulties. It carries a weight of three for every cent. 

The FT Worldwide MBA position is a relative listing. Educational institutions are rated towards every single other by calculating a Z-rating for every single criterion. The Z-rating is a statistic that displays where a rating lies in relation to the mean. These scores are then weighted as outlined in the position key and included jointly for a ultimate rating. 

Right after eliminating colleges that did not meet the response rate threshold from the alumni survey, a to start with model is calculated using all remaining colleges. The school at the bottom is eliminated and a 2nd model is calculated and so on until eventually we arrive at the top one hundred. The top one hundred colleges are rated appropriately to make the 2020 checklist.

Some colleges that took aspect in the position beforehand were being not able to participate this time thanks to troubles from the pandemic. 

Judith Pizer of Pizer-MacMillan acted as the FT’s database consultant.

Monetary Situations MBA 2021 key
Weights for position requirements are revealed in brackets as a percentage of the over-all position. 

Salary nowadays **: ordinary alumnus wage three decades immediately after completion, US$ PPP equivalent. This determine is not applied in the position. # 

Weighted wage (20): ordinary alumnus wage three decades immediately after completion, US$ PPP equivalent, with adjustment for variants amongst sectors. #

Salary boost (20): ordinary big difference in alumni wage from just before the MBA to now. 50 percent of this determine is calculated in accordance to the complete wage boost and 50 percent in accordance to the percentage boost relative to pre-MBA wage. # 

Benefit for money (three): calculated using wage nowadays, class length, tuition and other costs, such as shed income through the MBA. # 

Vocation development (three): calculated in accordance to modifications in the amount of seniority and the sizing of corporation alumni operate in now, as opposed with just before their MBA. # 

Aims achieved (three): the extent to which alumni fulfilled their mentioned ambitions or causes for accomplishing an MBA. # 

Professions assistance (three): performance of the school professions assistance for vocation counselling, personalized improvement, networking functions, internship lookup and recruitment, as rated by their alumni. # 

Employed at three months (two): percentage of the most recent graduating course which had uncovered employment or acknowledged a job present inside of three months of finishing their reports. The determine in brackets is the percentage of the course for which the school was ready to present employment facts and is applied to work out the school’s ultimate rating in this group. § 

Alumni recommend (three): calculated in accordance to choice by alumni of three colleges from which they would recruit MBA graduates. # 

Female faculty (two): percentage of female faculty. 

Female pupils (two): percentage of female pupils on the comprehensive-time MBA. 

Females on board (1): percentage of female customers on the school’s advisory board. 

International faculty (4): calculated in accordance to the diversity of faculty by citizenship and the percentage whose nationality differs from their place of employment — the determine published in the desk. ‡ 

International pupils (4): calculated in accordance to the diversity of present MBA pupils by citizenship and the percentage whose nationality differs from the place in which they examine — the determine in the desk. ‡ 

International board (two): percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the place in which the school is centered. 

International mobility (6): centered on alumni citizenship and the international locations where they labored just before their MBA, on graduation and three decades immediately after. 

International class knowledge (three): calculated in accordance to whether or not the most recent graduating MBA course completed exchanges and corporation internships, long lasting at least a thirty day period, in international locatio
ns other than where the school is centered. For 2021, the calculation was centered on the ordinary across the past two or three decades of global class knowledge facts, if offered. For colleges that have taken aspect for the to start with time this yr, only facts from the 2021 survey were being applied.

More languages (1): number of languages essential on graduation, excluding English. § 

Faculty with doctorates (five): percentage of comprehensive-time faculty with a doctoral degree. 

FT research rank (ten): calculated in accordance to the number of content published by present comprehensive-time faculty customers in fifty picked educational and practitioner journals amongst January 2018 and July 2020. The FT50 rank combines the complete number of publications with the number weighted relative to the faculty’s sizing. 

Company social obligation (three): proportion of teaching hours from main courses devoted to CSR, ethics, social and environmental difficulties. 

All round gratification **: ordinary evaluation by alumni of the class, scored out of ten. Right after alumni answered several queries about their MBA knowledge, they were being asked to rate their over-all gratification, on a ten-position scale. This determine is not applied in the position. 

Educational institutions with a fifty:fifty (male/female) composition get the highest doable rating in the three gender-associated requirements. 

§ Alumni who completed MBA amongst July 2019 and June 2020. 

# Includes facts for the course of 2017 and one particular or two preceding classes where offered. 

‡ Although we recognise the distinction amongst Chinese and Taiwanese scholars and pupils, inside of China no such distinction may have been noticed when recording diversity. 

** Class not applied in the position. 

The FT research rank was calculated using Clarivate Analytics facts from the Internet of Science, an abstract and quotation database of research literature.