‘Exempt sales and service of farm equipment from lockdown’

Farm machinery makers are trying to find exemption from the lockdown to run their revenue and services centres to cater to the farmers’ need all through the rabi harvest time.

Crops such as wheat and gram are prepared for harvest throughout main pieces of North India.

The Centre has exempted farm inputs such as fertilisers, seeds and pesticides from lockdown. Even though the inter- and intra-State motion of farm machinery such as combines and harvesters, the implementation of the order is weak on the ground. “We are urging the Government to think about putting farm machinery in the exempt classification and let functions of revenue and services centres,” claimed Shenu Agarwal, CEO of Escorts’ Farm Equipment small business.

Farmers would require the require of services centres to get their tractors and other machines repaired ahead of the harvest time. Any machines acquired two decades back needs some mend or services. Moveover, machines such as threshers, which are utilised only all through the harvest time, needs servicing before they could be put to use. Also, some farmers would like to get some new machines or spares to have our their harvest and the subsequent sowing functions, Agarwal claimed.

Even though States such as Haryana and Bihar have exempted farm machinery from lockdown, matters are various on the ground. As a result, people today are not authorized to run their revenue and services centres. “We are hoping to request the regional authorities in these States to let the sale and services of farm machines,” Agarwal claimed.