Coming Up With Creative Ideas Is Not About Reinventing The Wheel

by Hussain Almossawi, creator of “The Innovator’s Handbook

As an architecture or design experienced, you know that creative imagination is important to your success. But sometimes, it can be tough to build new ideas, particularly when you really feel trapped in a rut.

It can be tempting to feel that your creative imagination is only as good as your final venture and that coming up with some thing new and ground breaking is a issue of commencing from scratch. But that is not automatically the case.

In simple fact, most likely a single of the finest parts of guidance when it will come to creative contemplating is to not tension above the ultimate outcome as well a great deal and appreciate the approach. Finally, the finish aim would be to generate a little something special and special. Individuals who created long lasting suggestions often in no way imagined at the time that their get the job done would be remembered or celebrated, but they permit their passion and persistence push them by each hurdle, one particular move at a time.

Let us seem at six ideas that can aid you to occur up with artistic suggestions, even when you feel like you are caught.

1. Really don’t Pressure It.

A single of the finest ways to place your self in a creativity pit is by placing too significantly stress on oneself. If you regularly fret that your ideas aren’t great enough, you’re likely to sense trapped.

As a substitute of stressing about becoming resourceful, try out to unwind and allow the strategies circulation. The a lot more you strain yourself, the more durable you will find it to occur up with anything.

Imagine that you’re just enjoying about with the strategy at hand (even when specialist deadlines loom) and see what comes about. You may well be shocked at the concepts that appear to you when you’re not apprehensive about no matter if or not they are very good ample.

2. You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel.

You have probable read this just before: “Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.” And for excellent motive – it’s typically better to establish on what presently exists than it is to start from scratch.

There’s no will need to sense like each and every strategy you have desires to be brand name new and totally unique. In actuality, some of the most effective thoughts are built on existing ones. It’s all about standing on the shoulders of the giants who came ahead of you and getting the concept in a new direction.

Consider about how you can create on what now exists and set your individual spin on it. This does not mean that you must copy others’ do the job but fairly be impressed by it and add your own twist.

3. Do not Duplicate, But Be Influenced by Others’ Function.

Copycats abound in our planet. It tends to make sense when you assume about it. Individuals who have created planet-shifting innovations make a perception of marvel and admiration inside of us. So, it’s only purely natural that we would want to consider to replicate their success.

Nonetheless, whilst it’s critical to be impressed by others’ operate, making your very own suggestions is vital. If not, you threat remaining a copycat somewhat than an innovator.

So how can you obtain the equilibrium? A person way is to acquire inspiration from a selection of sources and all kinds of industries even though also keeping correct to your possess voice. This way, you can develop tips firmly rooted in what you are passionate about when remaining influenced by the good minds that arrived before you.

4. Do not Be Concerned to Bring on Other Skills.

Doing work by itself can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can be handy to have uninterrupted time to explore your personal thoughts. On the other hand, it can be isolating and make it challenging to get feedback or perspective.

To develop genuinely ground breaking concepts, it’s frequently beneficial to convey on other skills. This could be in the form of a colleague, good friend, or loved ones member. But it could also be a specialist, this sort of as a mentor or advisor.

Possessing an individual to bounce strategies off of can enable you to see items in a new gentle and appear up with options you may possibly not have thought of on your own. Collaboration is an exceptionally strong device for plan era, and the a lot more diverse your crew is, the stronger your concepts could be pushed to the extremes of what you assumed probable.

5. Remain Curious.

The most amazing character trait of a quality designer is a sense of curiosity. When was the last time you requested on your own: “I question how that functions?” Or “Why did they do it that way?”

Asking queries is a excellent way to open up your mind and produce new suggestions. When you’re curious about the earth all over you, you’re more likely to see items in a new light-weight and come up with inventive alternatives.

If you uncover yourself experience trapped, attempt to tap into your feeling of curiosity. Request you concerns about the difficulty at hand and see where by they lead you. Numerous A to B paths get a change toward an unexpected C vacation spot that yields considerably more imaginative options.

6. There is No Ideal or Improper.

A single of the largest myths about creative imagination is that there is a proper and improper way to do it. This could not be even more from the truth! In actuality, there are infinite means to be artistic, and what will work for a person individual may possibly not function for another.

Getting a course of action that functions for you and lets you to tap into your creativeness is essential. There’s no have to have to force oneself to stick to a individual formulation or technique. Alternatively, experiment and engage in around until finally you locate anything that feels organic and snug for you.

Several times, awesome thoughts are killed in their infancy due to the fact we are too worried about them becoming possible, doable, or even presentable to the public. So as a substitute, we engage in it safe and sound to avoid uncomfortable ourselves.

But the fact is that you should go outrageous and wild, due to the fact there is no appropriate or incorrect during your ideation and exploration phases. All nuts strategies can be adjusted to adapt to fact when it is time for execution. The impossibly executable ideas normally lead to new improvements and producing processes since they allow for us to obtain new remedies and ask the appropriate thoughts. Aspiration huge and go all out on blue sky ideas!

Give Yourself Freedom to Design.

Layout innovation involves a bit of risky independence. Great minds continue to be curious and open-minded. Dive into your perception of curiosity and inquire yourself inquiries about the earth about you – and let your self be impressed by the sudden in the entire world about you.

So, is there a correct or incorrect way to be innovative? Only when you stifle your likely by falling into restricting beliefs and fears of the not known. The vital thing is that you’re relaxed with your process, permitting you to tap into your creativeness. So go forth and make!


Hussain Almossawi

Hussain Almossawi is a renowned designer and innovator who has worked throughout industries all-around the environment making and consulting for businesses, like Nike, Apple, Google, Adidas, EA Athletics, Intel, and Ford. In 2019, Hussain started Mossawi Studios, a multi-disciplinary style and design studio specializing in creating unforgettable, legendary, and daring encounters. He is the creator of “The Innovator’s Handbook: A Short Information to Unleashing Your Creative State of mind.


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