The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation and Cisco, in association with the Federal government of India, today announced the ‘Cisco Agri Challenge’, aimed at mobilising agri-tech start out-ups to innovate answers that have the probable to positively effects at minimum ten million smaller farmers.

With a prize purse of ₹2 crore, the problem will run in stages above twelve months. It will support members in creating, testing, and scaling answers that assist reduce the challenges of minimal cash flow and diminishing profitability farmers in India are struggling with.

K VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt of India, who is co-internet hosting the problem, explained, “Such a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaboration will engage in a catalytic part in utilizing scientific and technological interventions in agriculture, thereby enhancing farmers’ productivity and doubling farmers’ cash flow. It will give way to a new conduct of seamless collaboration among the Federal government, Academia, and Marketplace for addressing worldwide societal difficulties.”

Entries to the ‘Cisco Agri Challenge’ are now open at