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The user experience of search engines is always improving as they develop at a rapid rate. In many instances, the availability of voice search has reduced the need for typing out your inquiries. A voice assistant now powers every phone and computer (such as Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and more). Voice-first gadgets like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming very prevalent.

The future is looking bright for voice search, and for good reason. Voice search is far quicker than typing out a query and produces results much more quickly. The answer can be obtained without even looking at the phone or other gadget.

An overhaul of SEO tactics is also necessary due to a change in how consumers use search engines. In fact, according to Comscore, voice searches will account for more than 50% of all searches in 2020, and according to Gartner, 30% of all searches will be conducted on devices without screens. Since consumers ask queries in a variety of ways, professionals must devise better strategies in order to provide what search engines would deem to be the best response. In addition to SEO, voice search optimization is also necessary.

What advantages does your domain name offer in voice search?

To increase your chances of success in voice search, choose a domain name that is relevant and full of keywords. Here are a few pointers to assist you choose a domain name that is ideal for the current search era.

1. Get domain names that work well for voice searches

Being successful in voice search results can be greatly aided by choosing the appropriate domain name. The likelihood that the voice search assistant will find your website is increased if your domain name is purposefully clear and contains relevant keywords.

Make sure your domain name contains the following qualities to make it the most voice search-friendly:

  • It is brief and easy to understand
  • It is keyword rich
  • It is devoid of hyphens and numbers and misspellings

2. Utilize organic speech patterns

Voice searches and text-based searches are significantly dissimilar. People like to type their search query in as few words as feasible. When they use voice search, though, they will word their question as if they were speaking to a different person. People can converse at 150 wpm, yet they can only type about 40 wpm on average. Make sure your material is appropriate for longer-tailed questions because they are more natural for spoken language.

Imagine that you are searching for websites that sell Batman posters using voice search. A domain name like has a better chance of winning this battle than the other rival websites. 

Google frequently responds to voice search requests with succinct, 29-word results, claims a Backlinko study. This means that you should avoid using excessively technical language and instead keep your replies succinct, clear, and concise.

3. Make your website more localised

58% of consumers use voice search to discover information about nearby businesses, according to study. Consider how frequently you have looked for items that are “near me” in your searches.

While website content is essential for local search optimization, your domain name can also be quite beneficial. Direct and to the point domain names like or are suited for city-specific voice search inquiries like “Order tacos in Florida” Or “Buy Tacos from Florida”.

Now, in addition to the city or state, localised searches now take specific towns or neighbourhoods into account. This is something local businesses should think about while choosing a domain name. The local VSO-optimized domain name is a suitable choice for someone looking to buy garments in Queens, New York.

You can select a brief and straightforward name that highlights your company’s identity and location by using relevant domain extensions,.tech,.online,.press, and others.

If you have a suitable domain name and are listed for business on search engines, customers will find you more quickly.


Here is hoping that you have understood the article. We believe a reliable managed SEO provider will do a good amount of justice to your seo+voice strategy if you have one in place. So, while implementing the same, please make the most out of it. Till then, happy reading.

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