3 challenges your business should consider before expanding international -  Innovation Village

Businesses which are growing and expanding often face more challenges than businesses who are downsizing. With business expansion, there is the worry that your business may not perform as well as you had forecast, or what you have been doing well so far may not be the best approach. However, recognising and overcoming these challenges is an essential part of business growth, especially if you want to continue thriving. 

You need to make sure that the steps you take at this moment in time don’t then create additional problems for you in the future and as an entrepreneur, you need to be good at recognising and overcoming business-related challenges and pitfalls. With that in mind, here are 3 challenges which you should expect that often come with business expansion.

Work Culture 

In order to thrive as a business, you need to have a good workplace culture. No matter whether your business is big or small, family-led or investor managed, treating your employees as employees will ensure that your business is successful. The biggest global brands and businesses are often renowned for their workplace culture, take a look at Google, for instance, so ensuring that your employees are motivated and rewarded for their work will go a long way in yours and your businesses favour. 

Not only will building your workplace culture help you to attract new employees, but it will also work in that you will retain your current employee base. Work culture plays a huge role in business success, especially when it comes to growth and expansion. As soon as you begin to take proper care of your employees, look at how they treat your clients and partners – you’ll likely notice a surge in business growth. 

Finding The Right Premises

If your business is expanding, you’ll likely be looking at hiring more employees and growing your office or business space, too. This is one of the biggest challenges for growing businesses, as finding the right space is absolutely crucial for your future business success. 

For example, if you are selling products to the public, choosing somewhere in a key location with high footfall is hugely important, whereas if you’re an office-based business, you’ll want a spacious suite or building. You may want to look at visiting commercial estate agents, as they will be able to narrow down and refine the search for you based on what it is you’re looking for. Looking for commercial property for sale can be a huge task, and one you want to get right, so get help and advice if you can. 

Creating A Business Plan

When you started your business, your initial business plan was probably all that you thought off for a good few months. Whilst a business plan is crucial for your first year, when you begin to expand, replanning and refocusing your aims and goals is just as important. Things such as marketing, sales, staff and funding should all form integral parts of your business plan, right from the start, so be sure to update these factors based on your projections for the future. You should also be planning for things you can’t actually plan for. 

For example, how many businesses do you think had a plan in case of a global pandemic and recession? And now look where we are. If you can’t at least prepare for every possible eventuality in the future, you should at least be mindful about the paths and steps you take should business take a turn for the worst.