Day: January 10, 2021

Like father like son: how brain hea… – Information Centre – Research & Innovation

Your father’s physical exercise routine may possibly have manufactured you smarter according to EU-funded researchers studying how way of living possibilities influence mind perform and memory. The conclusions could lead to new therapies for neurodegenerative conditions these types of as Alzheimer’s ailment.

The groundbreaking analysis in the DEPICODE challenge, supported by the European Research Council, is deepening our understanding of epigenetics: how external influences these types of as physical activity, psychological stimulation, food plan and worry impact how our cells read genetic data. Even though it is greatly recognised that physical exercise is excellent for our brains –strengthening neural connections to sharpen contemplating and greatly enhance memory – the DEPICODE team’s conclusions suggest some of these rewards can even be handed on to our small children.

This analysis has important implications not only for potential dad and mom but also for the identification of organic signatures, or biomarkers, of epigenetic

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