Day: November 2, 2020

The Sales Tax Conversion Process You Need to be Aware of

The sales tax rate conversion is relevant for every company and must be prepared at short notice. This changeover must be programmed accordingly or adopted as an update so that sales taxes are correctly calculated for all services / invoices from July 2020. But that’s just one aspect.

The Contributions

This is also a contribution to the economy, especially among software manufacturers / service providers and cash register system providers. Practically every entrepreneur is affected by this changeover (every cash register, every invoicing program, every ERP system, every accounting program, every online shop system is affected) and with a lead time of only 3 weeks for programming, system changeover, if necessary reprinting of invoice sheets, Adjustment of leasing and rental contracts etc. The whole thing back again in 6 months. For online tax filing this is important.

  • The new tax rates currently do not provide companies with any additional liquidity
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