Day: May 3, 2020

GENCI, CEA, CPU and Atos arm European scientists against COVID19 with HPC facilities

Paris, April 28, 2020

Two of the most powerful supercomputers in France, Joliot-Curie, operated at the CEA’s supercomputing middle (TGCC), and Occigen, operated at CPU’s supercomputing middle (CINES), are delivering urgent computing accessibility to massive laptop methods to European exploration groups included in the fight against COVID-19. The purpose is to complete epidemiological studies of COVID-19 virus distribute, understand its molecular composition and behavior and massively monitor and test possible foreseeable future molecules, to speed up the research for an helpful vaccine and guidance the worldwide fight against the virus. Each supercomputers are dependent on Atos’ BullSequana platform, worldwide leader in electronic transformation.

Just after only a couple of months of GENCI’s COVID 19 speedy monitor accessibility, GENCI, the French national higher-general performance computing agency, announces that there are now extra than twenty scientifically assorted COVID19 assignments, managing on its three national supercomputers among which are Joliot-Curie and Occigen, alongside

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