We can help sort out your nanny tax payslips while you enjoy the benefits of convenient childcare.

1. Nannies have experience in caregiving.

Often, nannies have long-term experience in the provision of childcare and, in most cases, they possess other professional and educational experiences that make them more qualified to be your child’s caregiver.

In addition, a majority of overseas nannies have their own children in their countries of origin. They opt to seek jobs as nannies in the UK or other countries so that they can be able to provide for those children and eventually finance their trips or also immigration to the UK.

2. Nannies are ready for long-term commitments.

A lot of overseas nannies live with their families for at least two years, and in some cases even longer.

This enables you and your kids to have the desired continuity in childcare service, hence, leading to a more suitable childcare arrangement than the one you have to constantly switch and adapt to a new nanny.

3. Nannies are flexible.

This is arguably the key factor that influenced the decision of most families to hire a nanny in the first place.

We do understand the fact that raising children while still working a full-time job is no mean task. However, parents acknowledge that hiring a nanny grants them a lot more flexibility than nurseries or any other type of caregiver does.

Depending on your commitments, you can come up with an ideal schedule for your nanny. Many nannies are accustomed to the dynamic week-to-week schedules, hence, they can easily adapt if and when you need to change their working hours.

4. Nannies help with housework.

Compared to a babysitter or another type of childcare service, one of the perks of hiring a nanny is that they usually assist with housework.

This includes doing chores such as simple clean up resulting from children’s activities, meal preparations, the overall maintenance of their rooms and play areas as well as any other arising tasks.

5. Nannies can be live-in.

This kind of situation isn’t only ideal, but it also promotes a more intimate bond between your family and the nanny. This provides your children with another dependable adult that they can turn to in addition to keeping them happy and protected.

6. Nannies help you maintain your household.

Do you ever picture going home to a clean house with happy and healthy children dutifully doing their homework or performing whatever they are expected to be doing at that moment, so all that’s left to do is say hi to your kids and assist with dinner (just in case your nanny hasn’t begun preparing it)?

7. Nannies can assume the duty of a date night babysitter.

When you have a nanny, as long as the hours she spends with your kids don’t end up with her exceeding her full-time limit, there won’t be a need for calling a casual or part-time babysitter to look after your children as you go out for the night.

8. Nannies are just as affordable as a nursery.

In the case of most nurseries, you are required to pay per child. However, when you have a nanny, the number of children rarely counts.

Also, on the off chance that your child is not feeling well and you miss a day of daycare, you will still need to pay for that day. However, a nanny will be ready to work and look after your kids regardless of whether your kids are healthy or ailing.

9. Nannies offer one-on-one attention.

With a nanny, you are sure that your kid will have more one-on-one attention and care.

Even though the socialisation part of daycare is attractive, more often than not, your childen can be left feeling neglected and less engaged. Your nanny has made being a nanny their career. Hence, they are able to offer individually customised activities to engage your children and meet their needs. Also, as and if needed, they are adaptable to other activities and strategies. This eliminates the reliance on what the majority needs.

10. Nannies can form part of your extended family.

There are lots of successful cases of families establishing a long-term lifetime relationship with their former nannies.

Also, furthermore, as stated by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil, “just like you, your nanny deeply loves your children and will go out of their way to ensure they are happy, healthy, and secure.”